Friday, June 24, 2005

Change of Address!

Well, I am making the leap over to typepad. You can now find me at my little place. Pop on over and stay awhile.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Friday Fab Finds

I am so looking forward to spending time with my boy this summer.
I can not wait to craft like a crazy woman. I have a pile of crocheted hats that need embellishing. I need to plan my fall/winter line of hats and other delightful items. I want to hike, garden, and have fun.

I found a wonderful book by Vibeke Lind called "Practical Modern Crochet" and it is full of wonderful free-form ideas. I just love it.

This image is lovely and so is the hat.
Image hosted by

I love these pillows
Image hosted by

As for my weekly finds, here you go:

If you live in Portland and you want to hear your child say "Ohhhhh, Wow, Mom, Amazing, Oh MOM LOOK AT THIS!" about a thousand times you must head over to Ed's House of Gems. I have driven by the red building for years and have never set foot in it, until Christopher took up rocks this week. It is a wonderful place.

A craft project involving a bleach pen that I cannot wait to try. Yes I know it is bleach, but it is a great idea.

Hot Dog Buns not for your average weiner.

A cute little shop at milky pop.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Christophers last day of kindergarten is tomorrow.
He will never be this age again.
He will never get out of school at 12:30pm again.
He will never set foot into this place of his life again.
(let me get a tissue).
I can't tell you how blessed I feel to have had Christopher attend Garden Laboratory Charter School. Not to mention any names, but the best thing I have ever done (other than having this child) is to remove him from a stressful, constrictive, unimaginative school and enroll him in this "not-so-perfect" yet supportive, creative, and tender school.
His teacher, Miss Campf, is a true gem. Patient, kind, loving, and she has this amazing ability to see the good in all children. It was an extremely challenging year and she had more patience than I have in any given second of a day.

I also have to say that even though I knew that Christopher could never attend another day or second in his previous school, my life was made so much easier when Ali and Jaden joined us. Or did we join them? Either way, our children had so much fun, love and exploration this year. Just as it should be. Thank you, Ali.

So for your viewing pleasure....a few pics of my (former) kindergartener. (Could my heart swell any hurts)

Image hosted by
on a neighborhood walk

Image hosted by
At Zenger Farm.

Image hosted by
"that's me"

Image hosted by
Notice the he is on Cooking Wednesday.

Image hosted by
I just love the expression on his face and that dang cute hat he is wearing.

Image hosted by
I love this pic of Jaden holding onto ice. is to a long, wonderful and 75 degree summer and first grade and good friends and and and...turning 6.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

ahh shucks...I am a sucker for this child.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Fri-Day Fri-Day Fri-Day is my favorite day.........

Friday Finds:

Image hosted by
Cape Kiwanda, in Pacific City. It had been years since I had been there and it is spectacular. Large sand dune, tide pools, awesome rocks, and so clean. Love it.

Awesome tutorials from Red Current's hubby.
A Beautiful Scrap Paper Project
Ali Edwards
Gooooovy Bolero Jacket
A lovely blog.

A shameless plug for the great place that I have the pleasure of working for, Do Jump! The website has some crappy music on it but there is all sorts of great information about summer camps for kids and adults. Also this weekend is a great show from our Zig Zag group. It is cheap and fun. Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 1pm and 4pm. The kids will love it and it is a sliding scale.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

When I have the time....

Just like Amy over at angry chicken I almost started crying when I came across these books by Jean Ray Laury. I found one of them at a thrift store last week and yesterday I found the other at the same thrift store. Each of them is full of stunning brilliance and incredible inspiration.

Image hosted by

From Applique Stitichery:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

And from Quilts and Coverlets:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Be still my beating heart. I am so hopeful that during the summer I shall have time to give applique a go and may even try to combine it with my crochet hats and other fun things.

PS....Jean Ray Laury is even on the web. Stephanie will enjoy this chicken quilt.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Day Late--Friday Finds

Image hosted by
"Mom--did you know that you can actually wear a shirt for pants?"

Beautiful cards from fly emu fly.
Sharon Spain, lovely textiles.
Oh soooooooo wonderful....crewel and embroidery kits from wool and hoop.

Also, as if you haven't heard, Amy at Angry Chicken is starting "Apron of the Month". This months theme, "Home on the Range".

Yeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaw.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Thinking of More Than Aprons

Image hosted by
from my collection

This place may get a bit dusty around here. The end of the school year is upon us and that means planning a big party for the kids, final board meetings, making yearbooks, a march in the Junior Rose Festival parade with the kids, and finally closing the school.

And on top on my list is comforting a friend who recently lost her wonderfully vivacious and beautiful mother.

So keep checking back.